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Medical Tattooing &  Permanent Cosmetics.

ReVivalife by Jessie Lauren

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More than skin deep...

Revivalife's  services go further than just a one step approach,  we understand each of our clients needs are important. We focus on a customized plan to achieve the best results long term.  ReVivalife offers Confidence every step of the way.

Man with Tattoos

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Find your dream Tattoo without LIMITS....
Nothing is out of Reach with the ReVivalife System.

 Jessie Brown works directly with the artist of your choice  to create a pathway for our clients to achieve their  dream tattoo.  Although Jessie works with  body artists from several studios,  there are a few we  can recommend for you that will create a piece based on their clients input, but also provides guidance and artistic vision for the process.

With the help of ReVivalife’s Non Laser Tattoo Removal we are no longer limited to working around previous work.  We believe you should pick an artist based on how their style fits your unique needs and achieve your vision. Make the tattoo of your dreams come true with us. Get in touch today!

Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strongly believe you should never let past decisions hold you back from future opportunities. Your skin is no exception. Whether you want to erase a reminder of the past or just want to start over with something that represents the you NOW, our non laser removal system is the perfect first place to start.There are options out there that you may have been debating on using. I get that, educate yourself about what is right for you. Since we are using a system so advanced that it is still rare to see, let me tell you about some of the noteworthy reasons why Non Laser is a premier service. 
•We have the only FDA approved solution in 3 surrounding states. •Jessie is an 8 year experienced, Paramedically trained and certified Professional. A Master Cosmetic Artist and certified in Tattoo Removal by MIT. •Non Laser can remove tattoos in as little as 3 sessions and is not pigment selective. •Non Laser is not predisposed to scarring as we only use the solution in the level the tattoo sits.•The process is far less painful than laser, if you can get the tattoo you can get it removed. I use the same handpiece and needles as a body artist. •Cost effective and efficient 

Latin Beauty

Premier Permanent Cosmetics 

Experience and Education you can Trust

REVIVALIFE is one of the most unique Cosmetic Tattoo studios in Northern Utah. Our  comfortable and relaxing atmosphere mixed with the exceptional customer service, sets it above your average tattoo shop. We believe in long lasting results, accenting YOUR natural beauty. When it comes to cosmetics we do not follow stencils or trends. Jessie is a natural artist with 8 years of education and experience, she believes in following YOUR brow bone, YOUR eye shape, and using the best application process and all organic pigment that compliments YOUR skin tones. Jessie uses a rotary pen and implants the pigment evenly and deeper into the skin, boasting only the highest quality work. Our cosmetics will last 3xs longer than the trending microblading or soft tap methods. 
Permanent Cosmetics are NOT one size fits all, and neither are you!  It takes many years to perfect skills and build education to provide the best possible client experience.  When it comes to choosing an artist for your face, experience and qualifications should be a priority. If you are looking for quality work, Contact Jessie Brown today. 

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Medical Tattooing 

The next level of Confidence 

You have Options. When it comes to your skin, you should be confident, and confident in your choices to care for it.  ReVivalife specializes in the most advanced and most effective technology in skin care. As a trained Paramedical Professional Jessie can help restore the integrity of your skin through Dermal Cell Therapy. Yes that’s right, we correct skin conditions and rebuild at a cellular level! Our theory is that you cannot build a house on a shaky foundation, you must first secure the home at the ground level. Same with healthy skin! Through Dermal Cell Therapy we are able to treat, restore health and prevent a large spectrum of skin conditions. Some of these conditions are Melesma, vitiligo, alopecia, rosacea, scaring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and more. Jessie offers per session and package pricing tailored directly to your needs. Contact her for a free consultation today and we can help restore the confidence you have always wanted.

“Exceptional. The Quality work I’ve been looking for. All the stars possible."

-Stephanie Waters, Happy Client

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Trust  REVIVALIFE with your skin

Premier Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing 

We serve Utah with some of the most advanced Non Laser Tattoo Removal Technology in the industry. Additionally we offer Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing at a Master level. ReVivalife isn’t your traditional type of Cosmetic Tattoo shop, Jessie has a personalized approach to each client, tailoring her services directly to their needs. With 8 years of experience and training,  Jessie provides her clients with services that are innovative and unique through  various specialized techniques in the Medical Tattooing field. Contact her for a free consultation. 

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You Have Options

Certified. Experienced. Confidence. 

Woman With Makeup

Quality. Timeless. Custom. 

Get ready for a whole new youthful look with ReVivalife! You will turn heads, not only because your makeup will always be on point, but because of the beautiful confidence self care will instill in you. Our beauty enhancements are timeless, and our skin treatments are revolutionary.When it comes to finding services tailored to YOU,  look no further than ReVivalife. 

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Located inside of the Beautiful Legacy Tattoo of Ogden Utah

236 25th Street

Ogden, Utah 84401

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