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Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

The most advanced Non Laser System available

Our Non Laser Tattoo Removal is the most effective and efficient Tattoo Removal today! It is also the safest! While laser will break up the ink particles and pushes it into your blood stream, liver kidneys and lymphatic system, our Non Laser Tattoo removal does not!
Our Solution is applied into the layer of skin that the tattoo sits, it encapsulates the pigment and pulls it up and out of the body.
(This is done with the same hand piece as a body artist... so it is NOT more painful than getting a tattoo!!)
Our Non Laser Tattoo Removal is the only FDA approved solution,

and treatments can only be performed by a MIT Certified Paramedical Professional. 
Jessie Brown of ReVivalife is the only Certified Paramedical Technician in Utah and 3 surrounding States!
Unlike any other system, our Non Laser Tattoo Removal is not predisposed to scaring as we are only working in the layer of skin that the tattoo resides. It is not pigment selective, meaning it works with every pigment and ink  color, brand and type.

There is no Tattoo that our system cannot remove!

cross before.jpg

Before Non Laser Tattoo Removal


After only 3 Sessions

Here at REVIVALIFE our focus is second to none.  Whether you want to start over with a clean slate or have a cleaner cover up with more options, our Tattoo Removal is the first step.
Contact us to get started.

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