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Can I book a consultation? 

-Of course! Consultations are always free, and they are about 30 minutes. All our consultations are done over the phone, making it a quick and simple way to book what's best for you. 

Permanent makeup consultation: 

-A permanent makeup consolation can be done by simply sending a picture of your current makeup, as well as your desired look. We can then direct you to what we would recommend. 

Tattoo removal consultation: 

-A tattoo removal consultation can be done by sending a picture of your tattoo with a size reference, we recommend taking a picture of your tattoo next to a dollar bill. We can then give you a quote per session, as well as a 3-session discounted package. We always recommend doing at least 3 sessions, as each time the pigment comes higher to the surface and is pulled up and out of the body through the form of a scab. When sending your picture, please let us know your desired results. Tattoo removal can be good for both removal as well as clearing the canvas for an awesome cover-up! 


Cancellation Policy: 

Am I able to cancel my appointment? 

-Yes. However, your $100 deposit is non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your appointment, you will forfeit that deposit. You also have the option to reschedule your appointment if it is 72 hours in advance, and your deposit will be applied to another session. 


Touch-ups & yearly color boosts: 

How much would it cost to get a touch-up? 

-Touch-ups are free within the first 6 weeks of the initial appointment. After those 6 weeks, it will be $65 per touch-up. 

How often should I get a touch-up/color boost? 

-I recommend getting a color boost/touch-up yearly to brighten the pigments, and make your permanent makeup look brand new. Pigment will last between 8-10 years, however, if you prefer a more deeply pigmented look, a color boost is recommended. A color boost is offered to past clients for a $200 yearly fee. 


Hair stimulation and hair pigment: 

What is hair stimulation, and how does it work? 

-I use a deep form of microdermabrasion where I infuse the layer of skin where the hair follicle has gone dormant with pure vitamin C., I do this by breaking down sebum (an oil gland that becomes clogged and can kill the hair follicle) blockage and fibroblast (the strands of collagen that are developed during the scarring process). It then stimulates hair follicle regrowth. I use the process to stimulate your own plasma and I infuse it back into your skin with the pure vitamins. This not only produces new hair growth, but it also stimulates healthy collagen and pigment regrowth. This process can take up to 90 days for the full effect through the healing process. We always recommend doing 3 treatments 6-9 weeks apart, as each treatment builds and becomes more effective. 

How much does hair stimulation/hair pigment cost? 

-The price varies. A consultation is required for these treatments. 


Lash enhancements: 

What is a lash enhancement? 

-It is a tattoo between your lashes to give the appearance of a fuller and healthier lash line. This is great for both men and women. I recommend getting it with permanent eyeliner as well, to make your eyes really pop! 

How much is a lash enhancement? 

-Lash enhancement for just the top is $300. If you want both your bottom and top lashes done, it will be considered permanent eyeliner. If you would like to know which one is best for you, contact us for a consultation. 


Full blushed lips: 

How much are blushed lips? 

-Blushed lips are $450 and the process takes about 2 hours. 

Why should I get blushed lips? 

 Not only are they beautiful, but the process stimulates collogen to make your lips plumper. There are many pigments to choose from, and the shade will lighten by about 1/3 to leave your lips soft and natural looking.  


Permanent eyeliner: 

How much is permanent eyeliner? 

-It is $400 for both top and bottom. Our permanent eyeliner is custom for your eye shape and color. It can be any style. A touchup appointment will be booked 4-6 weeks from your original appointment to perfect your liner. 

Does it fade? 

-Over the years the permanent eyeliner might get a bit lighter, but I would recommend having a touchup yearly to make sure that your liner stays pigmented and looks brand new! 


Permanent full brows: 

How much do they cost? 

-Our permanent full brows cost $400. 

Is it microblading? 

-No! We do not use a stencil or follow a trend for your brows, we follow your brow bone and use pigments to enhance your beauty for a timeless look. Our pigment is rich and organic to ensure your brows look beautiful! Our permanent brows last 3x longer than microblading and need much fewer touchups to prevent scar tissue buildup. 


Vitiligo and pigment camo: 

What is it? 

-If you suffer from pigment loss, our solution promotes natural pigment restoration as well as camouflage with organic natural skin tones. 

How much is it?  

-Prices will vary, a consultation is needed. 


Scar therapy/acne scar therapy: 

How does it work? 

-By rebuilding collogen and restoring pigment to the dermal surface, our advanced dermal cell therapy will drastically reduce the appearance of past scars. This is the same for acne scars too. 

How much is it? 

-Prices will vary, a consultation is needed. 


Blood orange facial: 

What is it and how does it work? 

-A blood orange facial is an organic approach to the most advanced form of micro needling and dermal resurfacing. It will add years of youth, rebuild collogen, and soften wrinkles in just one session! If you have ever heard of PRP therapy or the famous vampire facial the Kardashians’ use, it is much like this. We also add the infusion of pure vitamin C to help restore a healthy glow. 

How much is it? 

-Prices will vary, consultation is needed. 


Non-laser tattoo removal: 

How much is it? 

-It starts at $100 per session. A consultation is required and we can discuss the cost and our unique, effective method during it! 

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